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Le moment tech Juillet 2020

Le moment tech Juillet 2020

Dans le cadre de leur veille, les développeurs d'Anybox mettent en lumière les bibliothèques et autres outils python, mais pas que.

Voici leurs propositions pour ce mois de juillet.

Pyinfra, automates infrastructure super fast at massive scale. It can be used for  ad-hoc command execution, service deployment, configuration management  and more. #python #devops


Doit, comes from the idea of bringing the power of build-tools to execute any kind of task. People often compare doit to tools like make, grunt, rake, scons, snakemake. They appreciate doit strong features, flexibility, simplicity of authoring and ease of use. #python.


Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the  terminal. The Rich API makes it easy to add color and style to terminal  output. Rich can also render pretty tables, progress bars, markdown,  syntax highlighted source code, tracebacks, and more — out of the box.#python.


Icl  is a user-friendly, interactive cheat sheet for your UNIX terminal. #shell #python.


Modd is a developer tool that triggers commands and manages daemons in response to filesystem changes.

Chaos Toolkit aims to be the simplest and easiest way
to explore building your own Chaos Engineering Experiments.

Boîte à outils du chaos

Cypress.js , Tests d'intégration en JS et sans selenium #js #tests.

GINO - GINO Is Not ORM - is a lightweight asynchronous ORM built on top of SQLAlchemy core for Python asyncio. GINO 1.0 supports only PostgreSQL with asyncpg. #python #orm #async.

Resemble.js , un comparateur d'image pour votre navigateur ou vos tests unitaires frontend #javascript

Lando is for developers who want to:

  • Quickly specify and painlessly spin up the services and tooling needed to develop all their projects.
  • Ship these local development dependencies in a per-project, lives-in-git config file
  • Automate complex build steps, testing setups, deployments or other repeated-more-than-once workflows
  • Avoid the built-in-masochism of directly using docker or docker-compose

It's a free, open source, cross-platform, local development environment and DevOps tool built on Docker container technology and developed by Tandem . Designed to work with most major languages, frameworks and services, Lando provides an easy way for developers of all skill levels to specify simple or complex requirements for their projects, and then quickly get to work on them. #docker #devops.

CrashedMind, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to PlantUML .

Checkboxland  is a JavaScript library for rendering anything as HTML checkboxes.

You can use it to display animations, text, and arbitrary data. It also supports plugins, so you can build more powerful APIs on top of it.

Checkboxland is dependency-free, framework-agnostic, and fun!


Pygooglenews, a python wrapper of the Google News RSS feed. Top stories, topic related  news feeds, geolocation news feed, and an extensive full text search  feed.  Examples of Use Cases:  Integrating a news feed to your  platform/application/website, Collecting data by topic to train your own  ML model, Search for latest mentions for your new product, Media  monitoring of people/organizations — PR #python.


Git-fame, pretty-print git repository collaborators sorted by contributions. #git.


Gitinspector is a statistical analysis tool for git repositories. The default  analysis shows general statistics per author, which can be complemented  with a timeline analysis that shows the workload and activity of each  author.#git.


PyCapsule is unique in that it is one of the very few websites on the web whose both back-end and front-end are written in Python. Yes, the front-end is client-side rendered using Python and a Python interpreter.  Due to the development of WASM and the Pyodide project, you can now  execute Python code within the browser, and can access the DOM in your  Python code. I recommend you view the source code of this page in your  browser to see the python code in use, and recommend you check out the  Pyodide project. #python.