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Le moment tech de Novembre 2020

Le moment tech de Novembre 2020

Dans le cadre de leur veille, les développeurs d'Anybox mettent en lumière les bibliothèques et autres outils python, mais pas que.

Github, Renaming the default branch from master to main. Here is the reason. #git #github

A case study on vanilla web development, a TeuxDeux clone in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript (no build steps). It's fully animated and runs smoothly at 60 FPS with a total transfer size of 44KB (unminified). Try it online →More importantly, it's a case study showing that vanilla web development is viable in terms of maintainability, and worthwhile in terms of user experience (100% faster loads and 90% less bandwidth in this case).  #javascript

Cranelift is a low-level retargetable code generator. It translates a target-independent intermediate representation into executable machine code.

  • 20%-30% faster debug build times than the LLVM backend
  • reusing most of an existing binary during incremental compilation, only rewriting the code that has actually changed.
  • compile Rust programs using 100% Rust code, since cranelift is written in #Rust

The Surprising Impact of Medium-Size Texts on PostgreSQL Performance #postgresql

ART is a Python lib for text converting to ASCII art fancy. #python


Le point de vue d'un dév React sur Vue.js #javascript

Boundary is an open source solution that automates a secure identity-based user access to hosts and services across environments.

La Commission européenne dévoile sa stratégie sur le logiciel libre pour 2020-2023  #oss

  • privilégier les solutions « open source » lorsqu’elles sont équivalentes en matière de fonctionnalités, de coût total et de cybersécurité (ce principe a déjà été adopté par la Commission en 2018 et discuté dans ce communiqué) ;
  • adopter une culture de travail fondée sur les principes du code source ouvert, le partage et la réutilisation ;
  • s’assurer que les codes utilisés et partagés sont exempts de failles en appliquant des tests de sécurité continus ;
  • encourager des normes et spécifications ouvertes qui sont mises en œuvre et diffusées selon le principe du code source ouvert ;
  • mettre en place un bureau de programme open source (OSPO, Open Source Program Office) qui agira en tant que facilitateur pour toutes les activités décrites dans la stratégie et le plan d’action ; il aidera les spécialistes des différents domaines concernés, encouragera les directions générales et contribuera à équilibrer les priorités internes et les activités externes.

Dapr  is a portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for developers to build resilient, microservice stateless and stateful applications that run on the cloud and edge and embraces the diversity of languages and developer frameworks. #kubernetes #devops


A faster CPython, the overall aim is to speed up CPython by a factor of (approximately) five. We aim to do this in four distinct stages, each stage increasing the speed of CPython by (approximately) 50%. 1.5**4 ≈ 5 Each stage will be targetted at a separate release of CPython. A faster schedule is possible, but we believe that predictable and reliable performance improvements are more important than squeezing out the maximum performance for each release. Of course delays in software development are all too common, so a release might need to be skipped. #python

Monorepo vs. polyrepo , Monorepo means using one repository that contains many projects, and polyrepo means using a repository per project. This page discusses the similarities and differences, and has advice and opinions on both. #vcs

BetterThanJson, Basically the goal is to answer the question, “can we find something better than JSON?” However, note that we are looking at these things for DATA SERIALIZATION, not for config files and stuff, so that’s the goal by which these will be judged.

Calla , even when it works, teleconferencing still kind of sucks. Only one person can realistically talk at any one time. This is fine for people giving presentations, but in real meetings, people speak over and around each other, or pair off into smaller subgroups, still being able to overhear the larger group. Calla adds a small, RPG-style map to the Jitsi meeting view. It gives you an avatar to walk around the room. Users choose where to sit in relation to other users. Users very close to you are set to full volume. Users a little far away have their volume scaled down accordingly. Users too far away to care about are rendered with zero volume. #visio


We deleted the production database by accident, Today at around 10:45pm CET, after a couple of glasses of red wine, we deleted the production database by accident . Over 300.00 scoreboards and their associated data were vaporised in an instant. #devops

django-typomatic, a simple solution for generating Typescript interfaces from your Django Rest Framework Serializers. #python #django #typescript

DepHell project management for Python. #python