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Meteor 1.3 release

Meteor 1.3 release

After some months of development, the new Meteor framework is available in version 1.3 and we have been waiting it for a while. Let's have a look !

ES6 Import and Export support

When 1.2 version came out, we saw a part of ES2015 support with  let, const for example. This new version comes with full ES6 support, so we can now finally use Imports and Exports ! What are modules? As our applications grow, we need more control over things like load order, dependency management. To accomplish this, we can break our app into smaller chunks that we can import and export as needed, called modules.

Native NPM modules

Prior to 1.3 version, using a NPM module required a wrapper. Now, things are easier:

# install a modulenpm install --save theModule 
# and import this moduleimport * as _ from 'theModule'

Your npm module will be available both for the client and server, if asked by the author.

Official testing support

Meteor 1.3 includes two testing modes, unit and integration.

  • In unit testing mode (meteor test), Meteor only loads test modules and their specific imports and allows to test specific pieces of code.
  • Integration tests (meteor test --full-app) load all your application code in addition to your tests, allowing you to verify that everything works as designed.

You can find more informations on Meteor App testing in the official documentation.

In addition to those points, this new version comes with a new Cordova implementation to build more robust mobile application. For a complete detail of the release, check out the official announcement or contact us, we will be happy to migrate your app to this new version or start a new Meteor project with you.